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Arsenio Rodríguez Trio "live-en vivo" @ The Smithsonian Institute's music festival 1969

At the Festival of American Folklife, Washington, D.C. 1969
Luis Salomé: bass, Arsenio: tres,
Quique Rodríguez: tumbadoras

Arsenio Rodríguez live-en vivo at the Smithsonian Institute's world music festival in Washington D.C. 1969
These recordings are often mistakenly referred to as "Arsenio Live at The Smithsonian"....
in actuality, it was at the third outdoor "Festival of American Folklife" that The Smithsonian Institute organized.

Arsenio Rodríguez and his brother "Quique" Rodríguez take part in the Smithsonian Institute's third Festival of American Folklife.

A trio, with 'Arsenio Rodríguez' on Tres guitar & Tumbadora, his brother "Quique" on Tumbadora (o sea "Conga") and 'Luis Salomé' on accoustic bass.
It was done on a magnetic tape "Reel to Reel" recorder with the sound less then ideal.
Here he shows his Congolese roots as well as well as playing Abakúa & Lucumi rooted music. (No Son Montunos)
Arsenio's playing style, tuning, as well as the "sound" he gets from his tres sounds at times amazingly close to an African string 'Kora'.
1. Yimbílá - 3:35
2. Tangan luchá - 3:37
3. Abakúa - 4:23
4. Cancion de cuna - Lucumi - 3:26
5. Tambor de Yuka - 3:24
6. Agó Elegúa - 3:15
7. Mayombé - 3:41
8. Rezo a Yemayá & Ochún - 3:53
9. Ogún - 4:24
10. Tambor de Yuka (alternate version) - 3:12

1. Yimbílá


3. Abakúa
 Arsenio speaks, sings, plays tres, then he plays
 the 'Bonkó Enchemiyá' part with his brother

6. Agó Elegúa

9. Ogun
Arsenio sings, plays tres, then
 plays solo drum with his brother

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