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Pacho Alonso - with Mariano Merceron, Bebo Valdes, Los Bocucos, Los Pachucos, Enrique Bonne, Juanito Marquez - '51 '59, '70's, '80's - Cuba

His father was Cuban, his mother was Puerto Rican.
Pacho Alonso was 54 when he died.

Pacho Alonso

Pacho Alonso  
with Orq. Mariano Merceron in Santiago De Cuba.

Pacho Alonso con la Orq. De Mariano Merceron.
Vocal.: Pacho Alonso 
Coro: Beny Moré and Fernando Alvarez.
from 78rpm
"Aguanta Mulata"

"Una Noche En El Scheherezada" 
1958, 1959
His first LP backed by Bebo Valdes and Orq.
(after Cuba "nationalized" RCA Victor it became 'Discuba')

"Que me digan feo"
The "South Florida" pressing" above. 
El Chino Pichón on Timbales and kickdrum.
Ibrahim Ferrer: coro.

his big hit.... "Que Me Digan Feo"
And six killer ballads: "Jugete", "Soy Tu Ley", "llorar Es De Hombre", "Tu Has Vuelto", "Niebla Del Riachuelo" and "Este Amor Nunca Lo Podre Olvidar" that in my opinion, are his best!
My favorite version of "Sorpresa De Harina Con Boniato", with Juanito Marquez on electric guitar.

Pacho Alonso was a "masterful" bolerista (bolero-ballad singer) with a lot of jazz inflections in his style.
I know Pacho liked listening to Billy Eckstine and Johnny Hartman in the 1950's, 60's, I was told that when I lived in New Orleans in 1980 by two musicians that played in his band, both of them came to New Orleans via "the Mariel boat lift" in 1980.
The CD reissue of this LP is missing 2 boleros from the original 12 songs on the LP.

2. Juguete

3. Sorpresa De Harina Con Boniato
Ritmo Pilón
'Enrique Bonne': comp.

4. Soy Tu Ley

8. Tu Has Vuelto 

12. Este Amor Nunca Lo Podre Olvidar

The original 'Discuba' LP cover below.
The front and back cover of an E.P.
With Ibrahim Ferrer in the yellow shirt, standing in front.

"A bailar con Pacho Alonso"
With Juanito Marquez on electric guitar.
El Chino Pichón on Timbales, kickdrum.
Enrique Bonne wrote 9 of the 12 songs.

The CD reissue is missing 2 songs from the original LP
11 and 12
I added them from the original LP.

7. Con Los Pies Camino
Ritmo Pilón
'Enrique Bonne': comp.

10. Bajo Kum Kum Kum
Ritmo Pilón
'Enrique Bonne': comp.

11. Billy The Kid
Enrique Bonne': comp.
Enrique Bonne's great composition with a brief passage
of "Be-Bop" that seems to come from nowhere.

12. Niña Hipocrita
'Felix Reyna': comp.

"Pacho Alonso Y Sus Bocucos"
Vinyl LP on Barclay

El Chino Pichón on timbales; kickdrum.
Ibrahim Ferrer: coro, güiro
An obscure 1964 LP with a killer band,
A version of the
Pilón "El Bajo Cun Cun Cun", but here without Juanito Marquez who played electric guitar on the original version in 1960.
And also a version of "Sorpresa De Harina Con Boniato", again here without Juanito Marquez who played on the original 1960 version.

2. Si Hable

6. El Bajo Cun Cun Cun 

Ritmo Pilón 
Enrique Bonne': comp
8. Sorpresa De Harina Con Boniato
 Ritmo Pilón
Enrique Bonne: comp.

"Pacho Alonso y Sus Bocucos"
El Chino Pichón: Timbales, drum set.
Miguel Bridón: electric guitar.
Ibrahim Ferrer: coro.

Excellent recording with Vibrafono (Vibes) used in several songs.
Nice photo of the band showing El Chino Pichón in dark "eyeglasses" and Ibrahim Ferrer.
The "rhythms" written next to several of the songs on the back of the LP are not exactly correct.
I've included a more accurate rhythmic interpretation below.

2. En Guayabero

3. Ocupate De Mi

4. En El Rincon Del Olvido


7. Cancion De Mi Habana


9. Cemento, Ladrillo y Arena
Son Montuno

"Pacho Alonso Y Sus Pachucos" 
El Chino Pichón on Timbales, Jesús Pérez, drum set
A great early '70's LP with several
songs using Pacho's "Ritmo Simalé"

1. Divertido simalé
Ritmo Simalé

'Pacho Alonso': comp.

6. Portobelo
Ritmo Simalé

7. Simalé a lo Bonne
Ritmo Simalé

'Enrique Bonne': comp.

12. Cuando Llegue el tren
Ritmo Pilón'Enrique Bonne': comp.

"Pacho Alonso Y Sus Pachucos" 
The same 1971 LP, but a pressing from Chile, with an excellent photo of the band, with El Chino Pichón in front right kneeling down, wearing "The Eyeglasses".
Also in this photo, is a Tumbadora that had "two additional heads built into the sides" of the drum

Another photo of "the drum".

"Ritmo a lo Pacho"
El Chino Pichón on timbales

1. Que Tiene Tana
Ritmo Upa Upa

Enrique Bonne: comp.

4. Ven Ae Ae
Onda Areito Funketeo

Comp. German Pifferer & Senen Suarez

6. A Santiago
Son-Onda Areito Funketeo

Comp. Juan Almeida.

7. El Upa Upa Del Chambelon
Ritmo Upa Upa

Comp. Pacho Alonso

12. Cubano Cubano Cubano
Ritmo Upa Upa

"Upa Upa"
Pacho Alonso Y Sus Pachucos

Pacho LP with Ritmo "Upa Upa".

1. El Upa Upa Tiene Mendo
Ritmo Upa Upa

5. Que Cosa Es Mendo
Ritmo Upa Upa
6. Dame Upa Upa
Ritmo Upa Upa

8. No Me Critiques
Ritmo Upa Upa

10. No Muere Nuestro Son
70's Cubania Contemporanea

Pacho Alonso

His son 'Pachito' director and keyboards.

3. La Chica Nica
Ritmo Pilón

6. En Casa De Pedro El Cojo
Ritmo Pilón

12 Éxitos Románticos
Pacho Alonso backed by 'Orq. Egrem'

an "excellent" compilation of 
Bolero ritmicos and ballads '70-'79

"Pacho Alonso" 
The LP says this is "Orq. Egrem" accompanying him, but that's incorrect, it's Pacho Alonso's band with his son, "Pachito" playing keyboards & arranging. Vinyl LP, 3 of the 4 tracks are a medleys of songs. (*LP incorrectly left out the titles of track #2)

1. El Guayabero Pt.1
+ Yo No Se Como Baila Usted

+ "Que Roña Me Da"

2. Yo No Quiero Piedra En Mi Camino
+ Se Tambalea

3. El Guayabero Pt.2
+ El Batachón 11:42

3. El Manisero

Pacho y Pachito Con El Mendo De Cuba"

This was Pacho Alonso's last LP before he died in 1982.
His son 'Pachito' Alonso' on keyboards
with Calixto Oviedo drums and timbales.

"Orquesta Pacho Alonso" 
Came out two years after Pacho died, led by his son Pachito.
Rolo Martinez and another uncredited singer on vocals. 
'Pachito' Alonso: director, arranger, keyboards.
5. El Cuarto De Petrona
7. Xiomara Quiere Un Retrato
A nice retrospective of 'Pacho Alonso' music. 
Enrique Bonne' on Timbales
Collection released 1991 on Artex CD.

A nice retrospective of Pacho Alonso music.
 Collection released 1995 on Egrem CD.
But they listed several ritmos incorrectly

Below are several Videos of 'Pacho Alonso' with his '60's "Bocucos" & '70's "Pachucos"
El Chino Pichón playing Timbales along with 'Ibrahim Ferrer' singing coro & playing Guiro. 'Las D'Aia' singing coro.
One of the first two Pilóns to be released on record by 'Pacho Alonso' was "José Ramon", the other was "El Bajo Cun Cun Cun".
In the first video you can see the musician making believe he's grinding coffee in a giant "Pilón" which is where the dance got its name from.
A "Pilón" is a 'mortar' and 'pestle' used to crush, grind, and mash ingredients, herbs and seasonings. They can be made of ceramic, metal, or traditionally wood.

"José Ramon" - 1964
'Pacho Alonso y Sus Bocucos
Ritmo Pilón
'Enrique Bonne' on Timbales and kickdrum. 
Coro: Ibrahim Ferrer, Carlos Querol and Pedro Pon.

"Maria Cristina" - 1965
'Pacho Alonso y Sus Bocucos
Comp. ''Enrique Bonne' - Ritmo Pilón.
'Enrique Bonne' on Timbales and kickdrum.

'A Palo'
Pacho Alonso y Los Bocucos
Ibrahim Ferrer voc.
 Carlos Querol, Pedro Pon electric guitar and coro.
Enrique Bonne: timbal.
Ritmo Pilón.

"Que Rico Esta Eso" - 1965
'Pacho Alonso' y Sus Bocucos
Comp. ''Enrique Bonne '- Ritmo Pilón
El Chino Pichón on Timbales and kickdrum.
'Las D'Aia' singing coro, 'Ibrahim Ferrer' coro and Güiro

"Que Rico Pilón
" - 1965
Pacho Alonso y Sus Pachucos
El Chino Pichón on Timbales.
Ibrahim Ferrer, Carlos Querol,
Pedro Pon and 'Las D'Aia.

"Lo Mismo Al Drecho Que Al Reves"
- 1970
'Pacho Alonso' y Sus Pachucos
El Chino Pichón on Timbales.
(**Pacho comes out dancing Pilón)

"Juana y Pilón"
Art work by 'Arturo Cisneros'


Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding us of Pacho Alonso’s greatness. What a singer! What a performer!

Multidimensional, ever changing, always creating, he’s the type of artist you never get tired of. Pacho's the Man!

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

You could have not said it better, I agree 100%.
Pacho was "the Man"!

Pacho A., Enrique B., Juanito M. all important cats who had their own individual "Timba's" going on.

Manuel Sosa said...

Thanks for sharing!

Manuel Sosa said...

Then again, thanks. Do you still go by that "silverspurr" e-mail. I need to ask you something. Best wishes.

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Manuel, you can write to either email, I'll get it.


Unknown said...

Greetings, but :" grinding coffee "in a giant "Pilón"
which is where both the rhythm and the dance got its name from".

I don't agree with this (and mudicians of Santiago don't believe it). See the articles : http://www.ritmacuba.com/pilon.html

Sorry, it's in french...

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

'Lolo' may have acquired the "nickname" "Pilón" from friends or his family, but the "dance movement" for the "Pilón" rhythm is meant to mimic standing and using a "Pilón" to crush, grind, and mash ingredients. (herbs and seasonings.)

The highly stylized "Pilón dance movement" can be clearly seen in videos where Pacho and others "dance it". And as well in numerous Cuban videos of the 1960's where
the "Pilón" rhythm is played and the dancers "dance the "Pilón".

Additionally, no problem with the text on your web pages being in French, as many visitors to this blog speak, read and write French. And Google has an adequate translating program as well.

Jon Jax said...

Pacho y Enrique Boone, un binomio de oro, el genio Enrique, el verdadero creador del mozambique, pilon, simale y mas. Pacho es memos apreciado en la historia de la musica cubana, Pacho influyo mucho a Cheo Felicano y Adlaberto Santiago. El pilon moderno es demaisiado rapido y no tiene el cache de el pilon clasico