Thursday, February 12, 2009

Enrique Bonne - Cuba

"Son En Percusión"
Enrique Bonne
Egrem CD recorded in Santiago De Cuba

"Bembe Bata Chequere - Tambores De Bonne"
Enrique Bonne
LP recorded in 1987, Santiago De Cuba

Tambores De Enrique Bonne
LP recorded in Santiago De Cuba
1. Fea La Jicotea

The master percussionist, pianist, teacher, composer, producer and bandleader Enrique Bonne.
1926 in 'San Luis', province of Santiago de Cuba, his family moves to 'Palma Soriano' then in 1947 to the city of Santiago De Cuba.
Enrique Bonne is best known as the timbale player in Pacho Alonso band Los Bocucos from 1959 through the 1960's.
Enrique Bonne together with Pacho Alonso helped to popularize the Cuban music rhythms "Upa Upa", "Simalé" and the "Pilón"
Composer of over 250 songs!
In 1961, he founded the group "Los Tambores de Oriente" with approximately 50 instrumentalists, responsible for introducing the the "Conga" rhythm from Santiago De Cuba into shows performed in Havana, in the carnivals and the *Chaplin theater. (now the *Carlos Marx theater) and later in the cabaret Tropicana. ('Pello El Afrokan' after seeing Enrique's band decided to form his own band)
(Enrique Bonne's son is timba singer 'Angel Bonne')
On his "Son En Percusión", he stays in touch with his Santiaguero roots using instruments
indigenous to the Santiago carnival
rhythm "Conga", using "Boku's" instead of Tumbadoras and also using the "Trompeta China" alternatively known as the "Corneta China", a reed instrument brought to Cuba by the Chinese.
On "Bembe Bata Chequere" he adds Bata drumming.
Both recordings don't follow any type of formula, they both sound like nothing else I've heard, very "'Enrique Bonne'.

Pacho Alonso y Los Bocucos
Enrique Bonne seen on left holding the girl up.
Ibrahim Ferrer on the right looking up.

Enrique BonneWith a 'Bokú' drum from Santiago

Enrique Bonne
at Carnival in Santiago, Cuba.

Recent Egrem "Homenaje a Enrique Bonne"
A nice interview with Enrique Bonne by 'Rafael Lam' here

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Jon Jax said...

El verdadero creador del mozambique, el genio colaborador de Pacho Alonso. El santiaguero mayor, Enrique Bonne