Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Coro Folklórico Cubano "En Un Solar Habanero" canta 'Guillermo "El Negro" Triana Crespo' 1996 - Cuba

"En Un Solar Habanero"
Coro Folklórico Cubano - Egrem 1996

Recorded in 1996, released in 2001 on Egrem.
The CD came out in 2001 with 16 tracks... but was missing 4 tracks from the original 1996 sessions.

The four missing tracks I have included here.

Total tracks 20.
(*Agradecimiento a 'Barry Cox' for the missing 4 tracks)
This features four great singers, one of them is

'Guillermo "El Negro" Triana Crespo',
he sings eight songs.

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