Tuesday, December 2, 2008

'Florencio Baro' & Eri Okan - 1992

'Florencio Baro' & Eri Okan
(ripped from original cassette)

'Florencio Baro'
was born in the Cuban province of Matanzas, and was enmeshed in the fabric of the Afro-Cuban traditions there. He arrived in Miami in the Mariel boat lift of 1980.
Side A of this cassette contains the style of Lucumí music known as "Toque Güiro", played with 'Chekere'/'Shekere' & conga drums. There are songs for nine Orisha.
Side B features
'Florencio Baro' playing some melodic drum solos which recite various folkloric traditions.
Interesting recording, but not astonishing.

Bilingual liner notes: (((Here)))


Sentimiento Manana said...

Mark I have been looking for a copy of this for a friends of mine, can you hook me up?

Isaac said...

Thanks in Advance !
Your collection never ceases to amaze me. The cubans would have to go to
your place to find the rarest stuff.

Sentimiento Manana said...

yo Mark, thanks for looking out