Friday, December 26, 2008

Arsenio Rodriguez live radio air check - 1948 CUBA

Arsenio Rodriguez y su Conjunto

Buena Vista En Guaguancó 

Comp:  Luis "Lilí" Martínez Griñán
Vivo-live radio air check 1948 Cuba
Miguelito Cuni: Vocal. 
Félix Chappottin: trumpet.
Félix "Chocolate" Alfonso: tumbadora.
Antolin "Papa Kila" Suarez: bongoes.


Reysser Pais said...

This is the original version of this theme as recorded in 1948 with Arsenio's original conjunto before going to New York. Let's not forget though whom in my personal opinion was the master architect who took the "Arsenio style" of interpreting son-montuno and son-guaguanco a step further-Rene Alvarez from Santiago de los Baños, Provincia Habana who even though was a member of Arsenio'conjunto and later Chapottin y sus Estrellas in 1948 directed his own Conjunto Los Astros which had better arrangements and rhythm. Very little is spoken of Rene Alvarez today. Before Los Astros it was Rene Alvarez y Los Comandos very popular with dancers of La Habana and the rest of Cuba in the 1940s.
It is very likely that Arsenio owes his 1950s sound to the concepts of Rene Alvarez. Let us listen for example to the 1948 theme "Llego Maria La O"

Flavio Sorrentino said...

Incredible...original audio...looking for it.