Monday, October 13, 2008

Nelsinho - An "essencial collection" - Brasil

"Explosivo" - 1970

"Nelsinho Espetacular" - 1968

"Nelsinho e Seus Trombones" - 196?

An essencial Nelsinho collection.
Master Brasilian Trombonist and killer arranger 'Nelsinho'.
Three LP's, the two 1960's are my favorites and in my opinion are his best.

On "Nelsinho e Seus Trombones" he takes a lot of solos and there's always a beautiful "fat Baratone Sax sound" in every tune.
"Nelsinho Espetacular" really shows the incredible and amazing arranging skills of Mestré 'Nelsinho'.
The very 1970 "Explosivo" is kind of "popish" in a really swinging fun way with lots of electric guitar, now a very obscure LP.

This sound clip below is a version of "Chove Chuva" played & arranged by him, not on any of these three LP's.

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