Friday, October 17, 2008

Los Mejores Musicos De Cuba - 1960 Cuba

"Los Mejores Musicos De Cuba"

The LP cover of Los Mejores Musicos De Cuba showing a tumbadora made by the great Cuban drum maker 'Candido Requena' with a painting of Santa Barbara on it.

The 1960 classic compilation of previous different music sessions featuring the masters:
Peruchin, Cachao & Orestes Urfé on acoustic bass, Tata Güines, Walfredo De Los Reyes, Richard Egües, many others including the saxophonists Osvaldo Peñalver & Emillio Peñalver along with Estrich all three of them playing their ass's off.
Originally out on the Cuban 'Gema' label which was owned by Alvarez Guedes, then reissued on the 'Rumba' label, and again reissued in 2004 on CD.
(Senén Suárez; electric guitar)

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