Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fiesta Cubana - Ramón Veloz, Coralia Fernandez with Conjunto Saborit - Cuba

"Fiesta Cubana"
Vinyl LP

The great interpreter of musica campesina, 'Ramón Veloz' with his wife 'Coralia Fernandez' backed by the great Conjunto de 'Eduardo Saborit'.
An excellent old LP on the Kubaney label with some awesome Laúd playing.

The vinyl has a few skips, though I've cleaned much of the surface pops & clicks with
Goldwave V.5

6. "Guateque campesino"

11. "Mi guajira en el batey"


pepper67 said...

Nice record. His wife has a great voice, did she ever put out any record?

thanks for the post

Manuel Sosa said...


Anonymous said...

beautiful! i wonder what year? '59? many thanks for another great introduction.