Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Alfons Wonneberg y Su Grupo with Chucho Valdes & Juanito Marquez 1960's Cuba

Alfons Wonneberg y Su Grupo 
Vinyl on Egrem 1960's

Alfons Wonneberg: Sax, Eddy Gaytán: acordeón with Chucho Valdes on piano and Juanito Marquez, electric guitar. The best three are "Rico Pilón", "Arrímate Pa' Ca" and "Mozambique".

1. Rico Pilón
Comp: Pacho Alonso

7. Arrímate Pa' Ca
Comp: Juanito Marquez
12. Mozambique
Comp: Pedro Izquierdo a.k.a. "Pello El Afrokan"


Anonymous said...

Hello, I am a German musician and 42 years old. I have the record \'Alfons Wonneberg y Su Grupo - Egrem 60 \\ found. Alfons is my friend and teacher. He lives in Berlin and is 82 years old. Does the possibility exist to get the records as a mp3 file via mail? It would certainly surprise Alfons and please after catches 50 years these records to hear. My address is: jazzmatz@aol.com many thanks

indigo amatista said...

one of these incredible stories in popular music...
i recognize "arrimate paca" by juanito marquez since it become a big hit in latin pop venezuelan singer jose luis "el puma" rodriguez (not much in my book!)version during late 80s or early 90s, with lyrics...i certanly can appreciate much more this version than that one...
thank you very much for all the great music offered in your blog!!!