Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tipica Ideal - LIVE-EN VIVO N.Y.C.- 1976

The New York City Charanga 'Tipica Ideal' recorded "live-en vivo" in 1976 at "The Corso" a nightclub, that during the 1970's was one of the best nightclubs to see, hear and dance to the best latin bands in N.Y.C.

These were recorded by me, live.
I took a "Craig" monoral cassette tape recorder into the club
and recorded three songs.
This was back before Sony even had invented the Sony Walkman!.

With great extended solos by 'Jose "Chombo" Silva' on Violin and the late 'Tommy Lopez' on Conga. Mike Amitin' on bass (he lives around the corner from me), 'Gil Suarez' on piano and I don't remember the other band members at the time of these three recordings. I think it was:
Gil Suárez: Piano
Mike Amitin: Bass
Elisardo Molina: Timbales
Aurelio Parada: Violin
José "Chombo" Silva
: Violin
Julian Cabrera: Güiro
Tomas López: Tumbadora
George Castro: Flute
Vicente Consuegra: Vocals
Victor Velazquez: Vocals

Ripped from my cassette tape to CD
then converted to MP3 @192
1. Pare Cochero - 6:59

2. El Tiburon - 6:26

3. El Ritmo Changüi - 9:66


Sentimiento Manana said...

you mention that its probably charlie santiago on timbs or elisardo molina? Who was ideal's regular timbalero? It wasn't Mike Collazo was it?

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

I was a long time ago, I don't remember, probably 'elisardo molina'

Ramon said...

Is this on youtube

Unknown said...

It was Elisardo. Vicente Consuegra was my uncle and I hungt out with a lot of the bands he played with like, Belisario Lopez, Fajardo, Orquesta Broadway, Tipica I deal, etc.