Sunday, July 20, 2008

Vladimir Vassilieff Belgian latin jazz pianist 1966 LP

'Vladimir Vassilieff' was born in Belgium, of Russian parents.
He had 2 or 3 LP's, one of them becoming a highly sought after "Latin jazz" LP called "Vladimir and His Orchestra-New Sound In Latin Jazz". On the Alegre label.

The LP was reissued on CD in 1995 and incorrectly lists the original recording year as 1971, when in fact the LP was originally released in 1966.
There was a Japanese limited edition vinyl reissue in the early ’90s that retailed for about $50.00 / This LP was also a big deal in the U.K.
After listening to two or three songs recently, I had to take it off as it just sounds too "dated" to me now.
If I remember correctly.... I think there was a second Lp called "Vladimir and the New Aquarians", but I'm not positive.

He had a third LP done in Hollywood, California in 1969 called "The Aquarians-Jungle Grass", produced by 'Mark Slotkin' & 'Bill Rinehart' which had more of the L.A.-California "funky latin jazz" sound than the previous Lp recorded in N.Y.C.

Vladimir Vassilieff (p.)
Bobby Hutcherson (vibes)
Lynn Blessing (vibes)
Carl Lott (d.)
Stan Gilbert (b.)
Al MacKibbon (b.)
Joe Roccisano (fl., sax)
Joe Pass (g.)
Francisco Aquabella (perc.)
The Gemini Twins (voc.)
David MacKay (voc.)
Vicki Hamilton (voc.)

'Vladimir' Born in Belgium, he moved with his family to Canada in 1958, later he went to Boston, New York City and Los Angeles, before winding up in New Orleans in the mid 1970's.
I was a member of his band in New Orleans in 1976, he died 1986 in Indianapolis of a heart attack at age 52.

The other members that are in the above photo but not credited are: 'Tex Liuzza' electric bass, 'Herlin Riley' drum set and 'Wendel Brunious' trumpet. The Bongocero is 'Hector Gallardo'... an incredible Cuban player, his style of playing was similar to that of "Yeyito" Iglesias'.
(the Congas I'm playing were made by 'Junior Tirado' in the early 70's)
*I have a recording of the above 1976 Jazz festival gig on cassette, I'll post a few tunes here as soon as I transfer them. (the above photo is from the book "A guide to Jazz in New Orleans" by "Rhodes Spedale Jr."-ISBN 0-940594-08-0)


abbey123 said...

I was the producer of the Aquarians with Vladimir Vassilieff composing, conducting and playing the piano. He was brilliant. The entire album done in one day with one rehersal.

All the songs were original, charted and VV knew exactly what he wanted in terms of sound, blend, and the finished product came out all VV.

JAN, 2009

deanosounds said...

Mark, I'm trying to get in contact with Vladimir Vassilieff to reissue some of his boogaloo songs with Ray Medina. I run a label called Cultures of Soul.


Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Jeff... Vladimir Vassilieff died 24 years


rpinero said...

I will differ just a bit..the boogaloo sounds very dated, but then, as far as i'm concerned, boogaloo sounded dated when almost as soon as it was recorded. I am one of those people alive when the so-called craze came about, and was very happy when it passed...the rest of the album is, in my opinion, still very good listening..

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Sr. 'rpinero', there's only one song on that LP that is done in the so called 'Boogaloo' genré, the LP is not a 'Boogaloo' album per se.

During the 60's at least one Latin 'Boogaloo' was commonly included on LP's.
Some bands were better at it then others.

I was a member of Vladimir's band for several years during the mid '70's and we never played a 'Boogaloo' derived number once.