Monday, July 7, 2008

Saoco "Macho Mumba" LP

Myself and Henry Fiol. Winter 2007
In 1977, 'Henry Fiol' asked my father and I if we both would play on one song on his LP titled "Macho Mumba".
It was the last song on side 1 titled "Clavo Saca Clavo"
In the middle of the song, the rhythm changes into 6/8 time and the coro sings for the 'Orisá' 'Ogun'.
I played a "Guataca" (metal hoe blade commonly used/played in music pertaining to Santeria/Regla De Ocha), then my father and I both played together overdubbing Chekere's.

We were never given credit on the LP, never printed our names or the instruments we played.
This was not due to any fault by Henry Fiol, but was due to the ASSHOLE "executive producer" 'JOE CAYRE' who chose to leave our names off.

This is the song my father and I played on in the middle of the song.
Clavo Saca Clavo

Henry Fiol is a very humble person, a great singer/composer.
And a wonderful painter whose artistic "style" has often been imitated, but never duplicated.
His artwork is seen on many of his LP covers as well as the Cachao "Dos" LP cover.

"Macho Mumba" LP cover(Art work by 'Henry Fiol')

"Siempre Seré Guajiro" LP cover(Art work by 'Henry Fiol')

Israel "Cachao" Lopez LP cover(Art work by 'Henry Fiol')

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