Monday, July 28, 2008

Photos: Francisco 'Chino' Pozo

Born: October 4, 1915, Habana, Cuba
Murio: April 28, 1980, New York City, U.S.
Francisco 'Chino' Pozo 1957

Francisco 'Chino' Pozo 1941

Francisco 'Chino' Pozo: bongoes,
Chonguito: tumbadora
with Tito Rodriguez.

'Chino' Pozo with José Curbelo live at the 'China Doll' 1947.
Tito Rodriguez: vocal, Curbelo's father on bass.
Tito Puente: timbales, "Chino" Pozo playing bongoes.
Listen to what he does during the coro.
He definitely was "in the zone"!
These were bongoes that did not use tuning hardware, they were tuned by using a can of 'Sterno' that every conguero y bongocero brought to every gig.

Franciso 'Chino' Pozo: bongoes
Tito Puente: timbal
(listen to what he does during the coro)

Francisco 'Chino' Pozo: bongoes,  
Tito Puente: timbal
his boleros were immaculate.

'Sonaremos El Tambo'
Pupi Campo Orq.
Franciso 'Chino' Pozo: bongoes,  
Tito Puente: timbal

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