Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mark Weinstein "Cuban Roots" 1967 + "The Orisha Suite" 1977

Original cover on Musicor
Vinyl mono LP

Reissue on Artol
Vinyl "Sterophonic" LP

Japanese bootleg reissue CD
24bit-96khz Remaster

CD reissue by Mark Weinstein, with
a better sound than the original LP and
added sessions "The Orisha Suite 1977".

Anyone who doesn't know about 'Mark Weinstein' and his 1967 LP "Cuban Roots" must be living under a rock. A groundbreaking and now historic session. (with 'Chick Correa' on Piano, the late 'Julito Collazo', the late 'Papaito Muñoz', the late Kako, the late Tommy Lopéz and *other great musicians. (*see musician info)

The original LP was recorded in a small recording studio (in mono) with "less than desirable" sound quality on the 'Musicor' label, then later reissued on the 'Artol' label, which even sounded worse.
It is no longer a "rare" or "obscure" recording, as it has been reissued on CD by 'Mark Weinstein', as well as on a Japanese bootleg import that sells for $47.00.

The CD that 'Mark Weinstein' reissued (on his own) is a much better recording, as Mark did his best to do a bit of tweeking with the sound, so it sounds much better than the vinyl LP.
Additionally, Mark included on his reissue a previously unreleased session recorded in 1977 called "The Orisha Suite". With Edy Martinez on keybords, Julito Collazo, Flaco Hernandez and Steve Berrios on Bata & percussion.

'Mark Weinstein' is a "musicians musican"... a humble person... and does not "limit" himself to only Cuban music. If you go to his website you'll see he's into Brasilian music, Jewish music and more. I once got him on a gig with me down in the subway with 'Grupo Afro-Andes', it was hot as hell down there but I think he had fun.

'Mark Weinstein' can be seen playing around N.Y.C. with a small group of excellent musicians.
This photo was taken during one of Marks gigs at the 'New Yorican Poets Cafe' in the East Village in Manhattan.
I had stopped by and was invited to sit in on a tune. The other drummer next to me is a great N.Y.C. rumbero/Batalero/teacher: 'Felix Sanabria' (photo taken by 'Harry Sepulveda')

In the previous post I said that Vladimir's LP now "sounds dated" to me.
I can listen to Mark Weinstein's 1967 "Cuban Roots" 500 times and it will never sound "dated" to me!

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francisco said...

paquete de saludos desde medellin,
colombia,tu blog es duro,bravo,fasci-
nante,estoy de acuerdo con tu punto
de vista sobre mark weinstein,gran
flautista del latin jazz.

hasta pronto mark,seguire vacilando
tu cubania sabrosa,vaya.

atte: paquirri.