Monday, June 23, 2008

Bonkó Enchemiyá - The two best Bonkó Enchemiyá solos ever recorded -1960's Cuba

The two best Bonkó Enchemiyá solos ever recorded.
Two different recordings, same drummer plays the Bonkó Enchemiyá on both.
Ripped from vinyl @ 320

Bonkó Enchemiyá solo #1

Bonkó Enchemiyá solo #2


Anonymous said...

Thanks for bringing up all this buried treasure and sharing with the world. Congratulations on the fabulous website which I am still trying to negotiate...its so vast! I will never get out of the house...there is so much great material here....


david said...

Absolutely wonderful resource you'e offered all of us in the percussion community. So grateful for you huge work, effort and dedication to sharing knowledge and treasured works.

Isaac said...

Finally I went back to this page with
the great Bonko soloing..
its so good with the proper lower tuning
not used so much today.
Thanks again forputting this out there.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for your nice blog, and great music. Is there a way to download these, or only listen to them here? (I had the same question for some other pages in you blog too). Keep up the good work!

latoso said...

incredible!! thanks, thx!!

Alfonso said...

Un aporte de mucho peso para el conocimiento cultural, histórico y musical del Caribe. Gracias por difundir y compartir.