Saturday, June 14, 2008

Julio Beque y su Cumbia Son - 1998 Cuba

"Julio Beque y su Cumbia Son"
I came across this several months ago, I had never heard of 'Julio Beque' before.
It's a strange hybrid cross polination of Cuban Bata with elements of Colombian Cumbia.
Actually, I don't know what to call it, maybe a Cuban "invento"?
Several things really swing and are really funky. Other things I'm not too crazy about.
The musicians taking part in this are all great, including the late 'Jorgé Varona' (Irakere), 'Andrés "Niño Rivera" Echevarria' (Tres), Blas Egües (Pailas), 'Juan Formell' (Bajo)
If anybody knows anything about 'Julio Beque' and this CD, let me know in a comment.
I've "Googled" 'Julio Beque'... but interestingly, there's no info on him.

1. Tambores Bata *****
2. La Cumbiela **
3. Ay! me duele **
4. Hara Kiri *
5. El Camion **
6. Juan Pampiro (Niño Rivera) ****
7. Los Cucheros de ayer *****
8. Oyeme Puchucha
9. Ayer no es hoy*
10. Salsacumbiando ***
11. La Clave Majadera ******
12. Para la Cumbia **

Musicians / Musicos:
Julio Beque: Producer, performer, mixing, recording engineer.
Jorgé Varona, Eduardo Sanchez, Fernando Sanchez, Andres Castro & Adrian Lopez: 
José Eugenio Alvarez.
Roberto Fonseca & Jorgé Aquino.
Piano: José Gonzalez:
Tres: 'Andrés "Niño" Rivera Echevarria', Bass: Juan Formell, Pailas: Blas Egües,Tumbadoras (Congas): Mario Ortega, Coro: Dolores Banguela Navarette, Jose Vasallo & Ignacio Aymé Castro.
Tambores Bata:
Christobal Larrinaga, Arturo Martinez (Bata & Chekere), Mario Facundo Rivera Cabrera, Santiago Garzón Rill & Trinidad Torregoza

*Note: They spelled "Trinidad Torregrosa's" last name wrong and he died in 1977, so for him to be playing Bata on this, it would have had to be recorded in or before 1977.
For some reason, this doesn't sound like a '70's recording to me, it was recorded in
1998 and released in 2000.


Apo said...

Hi, my name is Agapito and I Live in Havana, my job used to put me in touch with Julio Bequé as a composer but he´s now confined to a wheelchair. You can visit this link: in order to find more info on Julio Bequé, who also composed "Ayer no es hoy" a bolero that the late Vicentico Valdés sung like nobody ever did.

Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Tremendo Agapito... gracias for the information and link!
Sorry to know he's in a wheelchair ;(
And very interesting that he wrote that bolero that Vicentico Valdés sung.

Thanks you again for the info.