Friday, June 6, 2008

Arsenio Rodríguez 10' LP 1955

Arsenios 10' inch LP on the
'SMC-Pro-Art' label -1955.

This is the original vinyl Arsenio Rodriguez 1955 gem.
(The songs have all been reissued on Tumbao)
Four tracks with "3 songs per track", what makes these particular sessions great is that each of the 3 songs (on each of the 4 tracks) goes right into the next song, meaning, they recorded 3 songs in a row... in one take, without stopping.
Clearly showing the virtuosity of not only Arsenio's playing and arrangements, but the virtuosity of all the other musicians in this band!
Listen carefully how the band "effortlessly and flawlessly" segway right into each song without stopping.

If you are a musician, you know what's involved in playing/recording THREE songs straight through..... in ONE TAKE without stopping!
Can you imagine this session in the studio?

Superb playing by everyone, including the Bongocero.
Arsenio takes several amazing Tres solos and there are several piano solos by "El Latigo" 'René Hernandez', who during this period had replaced Luis "Lilí" Martínez Griñán.

1. "Cumaye" - "Semilla de cana brava" - "So Caballo"
2. "Los guapos en Yatera" -"La yuca de Catalina - "El reloj de Pastora"
3. "No vuelvo a Moron" - "Las tres Marias" - "Apurruñeme mujeres"
4. "Que caña"- "Mi china me boto" - "Cangrejo fue a estudia"

4. Que caña - Mi china me boto - Cangrejo fue a estudia


Unknown said...

¡Muchas gracias caballero por compartir este gran tesoro musical y cultural!
¡Fino, fino de verdad!

Unknown said...

Desde Yumbo-Colombia, agradezco esta oportunidad de escuchar este ritmo musical de Arsenio Rodríguez.