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Wilson Simonal - "essencial" collection / Brasil

2004 - Rewind

2004 - Singles, Lados B's e Raridades(singles, side B's & Rarities)

1985 - Alegria Tropical - Wilson Simonal1977 - A Vida é So Pra Cantar

1975 - Ninguém Proibe o Amor

1971 - Joia, Joia1970 - Wilson Simonal - Promo EP

1970 - Simonal1969 - Alegria, Alegria-Vol. 41969 - Alegria, Alegria-Vol. 31968 - Alegria, Alegria-Vol. 21967 - Alegria, Alegria-Vol. 11967 - Som Tres - Show em Simonal1966 - Vou Deixar Cair1965 - Wilson Simonal1965 - Simbora
1964 - A Nova Dimensão do Samba1963 - Tem Algo Mais

For me, Wilson Simonal is "The Man", my favorite singer in the 1970's Brasilian "Pop" idiom, and his early Samba/Bossa Nova recordings really swing hard!
His 1970's style reflected his love for African American "Soul/funk" and "Gospel" music.
His ballad singing is lush and romantic.
And his musicians...... the best!
I was 18 years old when I first heard him.

The late Wilson Simonal had a controversial history with his alleged involvement with the Brasilian govenment, accused of being a police informant in the 1960's and early '70's.
He was blacklisted for years after that.
He died in 2000 at the age of 62.
He has a son that looks like him and has a similar voice, you can find several videos on YouTube of both of them. There's a few videos of Wilson singing with Elis Regina.

"Cai Cai" 
(From 1968 Alegria, Alegria - Vol 2)

"Ecco Il Tipo/Che Io Cercavo"
(An obscure cut of Wilson singing in Italian)

"Miñha Namorada"  
(Beautiful ballad from his 1966 Vou Deixar Cair LP)

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