Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rubén González / Cuban singer - Cuba / Miami / New Orleans

El Conjunto Niagra
cantando Rubén González.

Rubén González 4th in from the right.

Rubén singing lead vocals in
  these five songs with Conj. Niagara:
'Abasi-Abacúa' (1945)
'Rumba De Congo' (1945)
(with a killer bongó solo by Alfredo Boloña)
'Llego Dieguito'
'Tumba Mabo' (1945)
'Soltando Chispas' (1946)


Rumba De Congo
(Bongó solo: Alfredo Boloña)

Llego Dieguito

Tumba Mabo

Soltando Chispas - 1946:

 The late 'Rubén González' was one of the singers for the Conjunto Niagra and also sang with the Pianist Anselmo Sacasas y Su Orq.
He left Cuba in the early 1960's, lived in Miami, before moving to New Orleans where he spent the rest of his life raising a family and singing with his small conjunto, before passing away in the late1980's.

I played Tumbadoras (Congas) in that small group from 1975-1986.
I found these pictures of us playing in a box I had stored away.
1975-76 New Orleans
Carlos Scott: timbales, Myself: tumbadoras
Hugo Espinoza: bajo, Carlos: sax, Rubén González: singer
Jaime Espinoza: piano

1976 - Grupo 'Erekusu'
A rumba group I put together in New Orleans.
Humberto "Pupy" Menez,
Rubén González,
Cecil Carter and Myself.

1977-78 New Orleans Jazz Festival.


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