Sunday, May 18, 2008

Orq. Novedades - Danzónes & Charanga / Cuba 1957-'60

"Danzónes Antiguos"
'Orquesta Novedades'
Vinyl LP on Maype.

Orq. Novedades, easily among the top eight great Cuban Charanga Tipicas of the time, playing both Danzónes and Charanga. The amazing thing about the sound on this LP is that considering the recording technology back when this was done is the beautiful rich sound they were able to get in the studio of the acoustic bass and cello.
As well as everything else.
Superb piano solos, bowed bass playing and tight arrangements with swinging coros.

1. Zanja Y Chavez
2. Danzón Instrumental
3. Por Tus Ojos Negros
4. Sociedad De Colon
5. Barbero De Sevilla
6. Engancha Carretero
7. Rosa Oriental
8. Son De La Loma
9. La Leyenda Del Beso
10. Africa
11. Ten' Jabon
12. La Gioconda

2. Danzón Instrumental

8. Son De La Loma

10.Ten Jabon

"Orq. Novedades"
Egrem vinyl LP/LD
This LP sold on Ebay 9/27/09 for $669.00

The Egrem CD reissue:

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Reysser Pais said...

How wonderful to listen to Orquesta Novedades. Any recordings by this group are hard to obtain even in Cuba. The original sound of Danzon.