Thursday, May 1, 2008

Grupo Monumental 1970's - Cuba"Agrupaciones Bailables" series.

"Grupo Monumental"
Vinyl LP

"Si, Para Usted"
Vinyl LP

"La Monumental"
Vinyl LP

"Grupo Monumental"
Vinyl LP

"Grupo Monumental"
Vinyl LP

"Alegria Cubana"

CD compilation by EGREM,
part of their "Agrupaciones Bailables" series.
Easily available free, on all "the usual"
music blogs and file sharing sites.

This is a "best of mix" I've made from all of the above.
22 songs. Ripped @ 320
((Fidels Eyeglasses best of mix))


DJ Jack Daw said...

Hi, Silverspurr,
Thanks for the music. I'm enjoying listening to it. Are the track names available anywhere? I know it's all a lot of work.
I invite you to drop by my blog,, where you can download a couple of African compilations of roughly (very roughly) the same vintage as this Grupo Monumental. I hope ypu'll enjoy that music!
Regards, DJ Jonathan E. aka DJ Jack Daw

Anonymous said...

A big thank you. Love the music. Love the blog. Keep it going. Matt

wolfgang villegas said...

muy buen blog exitos y felicitaciones estoy registrado en seguidores por favor como obtengo las claves del grupo monumental gracias

slj3 said...

Hi!Your rapidshare link is dead : would you be kind enough to re-up?Many thanks.Kind regards from french guiana. Stéphane.