Saturday, May 24, 2008

Amaranto Y Su Banda De Cardenas - 2 LPs 1954-'57 /1961-'62 Cuba

"Amaranto En Varadero"
Amaranto Y Su Orq. Copacabana
Vinyl LP most likely 1954-'57

Above is his first band when they were called "Amaranto Y Su Orq. Copacabana".
The cover shows Amaranto & his band on a boat docked somewhere in Varadero.

12. Alli Se Acabo

"Amaranto Y Su Banda De Cardenas"
Vinyl LP - 1961, '62

Amaranto Fernández, pianist and arranger led a "Cuban Jazz" big band based out of Cárdenas, a municipality and city in the Matanzas Province of Cuba.
('San Juan de Dios de Cárdenas')

He formed his first band 'Copacabana' in 1954.
He changed the name in 1960 to 'Amaranto Y Su Banda Gigante'.
His first LP on the then young E.G.R.E.M. record label titled "Amaranto Y Su Banda De Cardenas" is an incredibly swinging recording, showing not only his piano playing, but his great arranging skill with that fat ballsy ever-present thick baritone sax sound.

On this LP Amaranto does killer arrangements of "Dame Un Chance" as a Son Montuno by Electo Rosell ("Chepin") , "La Tierra Del Rico Son" as a Guapacha by 'Felix Cardenas',
"Es Rico y sabrosón" as a Son Montuno, "Voy Monte Adentro" as a son Montuno by 'Pedro "Peruchin" Justiz' and "Chiqui-Chiqui" done as a Mozambique, the last two with flute solos.
His Danzónes on this are also superb.
Vocals by lead singer, Bebo Suau.

His early LP's are rare and obscure.
I have two of them, one on Egrem and the one before it on the Bravo label.
The LP above recently sold on Ebay for $200.00
He has a 2003 CD out on the Envidia label, but I've never heard it.
However being familiar with Envidia, I probably wouldn't like it.
Sadly... I found a video on YouTube of him at the age of 81 with a band playing in someplace that looked like it was for tourists in Cuba.

Ripped from original Egrem vinyl @ 320.
Pops and clicks "painstakingly" removed/cleaned with Goldwave V.5

Dame Un Chance

La Tierra Del Rico Son

Es Rico y sabrosón

Voy Monte Adentro


Linda Luly

"Sabor Cubano Con Amaranto y Su Orq. Son"
His last project, unfortunately not very good in my opinion.


BechsteinBliss said...

I must say that i feel very emotional, my father was the lead singer on this band, his name was Bebo Suau, I appreciate whomever load this tribute and i would like to get in contact with him or her to share more information. my name is Ibis Suau, my email is

Unknown said...

Yo Ana maria martinez lo conosi personalmente porque fue mi padrasto. Bebo Suau y mi mama Mercedes Martinez se amaron profundamente y como resultado de ese amor nacio mi hermana Ibis Suau. Yo tambien estoy muy emocionada!


Unknown said...

Sad but true, he is currently playing for tourists in Havanna as a hoax, where the hustlers bring tourist to see exclusively "Fernandez Amaranto from Buena Vista Social Club" playing piano. Poor tourists then pay double or triple amount for obligatory drinks and are offered to buy ridiculously priced CD with signature... and he's not even from Buena Vista Social Club!