Sunday, April 20, 2008

Papete 3 LP's '74-'78-'80-'89-'99 - Brasil

"Papete e Luis Lopes Era Uma Vez"

 "Retrato Do Maranao II"

CD - 1999

"Papete Rosa Amarela"
LP - 1993

 "Papete Bela Mocidade"
LP - 1991

"Rompendo Fogo"
LP - 1989

"Papete Planador"
Vinyl - 1981

"Água de Côco"
Vinyl LP - 1980
Has been reissued on compilation LP in '94

1. O Bonde
2. Promesa De Pescador
3. Água De Côco
4. Se Num Samba
5. Cavalacanga
6. Procissão
7. Domingo No Parque
8. Ponteio

"Bandeira de aço"
LP - 1978
Never reissued.

1. Boi De Lua
2. De Cajari Prá Capital
3. Flor Do Mal
4. Boi De Catirina
5. Engenho De Flores
6. Dente De Ouro
7. Eulália
8. Catirina
9. Bandeira De Aço

"Berimbau e Percussão"
Original vinyl LP - 1974
Has been reissued on CD & LP

1. A Ova
2. Ponto Pro Caboclo Sete Flechas
3. Igarapé
4. Bumba Meu Boi
5. Cachimbo
6. É Assim Que Eu Sou
7. BerimbaU
8. Maracá

'Papete' (Jose de Ribamar) was born in 1947, in the city of Bacabal, in the state of Maranhau, Brasil.
The music of Papete was originally released on the independent Discos Marcus Pereira label.
In the 1970's this label released a series of records that focused on the folkloric traditions of Brasil. Especially from the nordeste (northeast).
His 70's LP's had a profound influence on many Brasilian musicians and non musicians.

His 1974, 1978 and 1980 LP's were his best, with anything after that unfortunately becoming too pop-ish.
My favorite is his first 1974 LP: "Berimbau e Percussão".

These last three LP's are now rare and hard to find.
His first 1974 LP has been reissued on CD, but not with the original cover.

"Berimbau e Percussão"CD reissue date unkown
"Berimbau e Percussão"
3 vinyl LP set of reissued songs, 1994
Includes the original 8 songs from his '74 LP
with 8 additional songs from his 1989 LP.


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