Sunday, April 27, 2008

Orlando "Puntilla " Rios / Cuba N.Y.C. 1981

Orlando 'Puntilla' Rios, his first LP recorded 1981 in N.Y.C. a year after arriving from Cuba.
With Cuban compatriots Daniel Ponce, Ignacio Berroa who had also arrived.

1. Chants for Babalú ayé
2. Ichará Ichá
3. Yesá for the Orishas
4. Yemayá
5. Chants for Agayú
6. Hondos Dolores
7. Tu Ley
8. Rumba for Elegguá

Original vinyl now out of print.
Never reissued.

6. Hondos Dolores

7. Tu Ley

8. Rumba for Elegguá


Unknown said...

Hi, this is a great line-up. is there a link for a down load available?
Also, I do have a CD copy of New York now by Daniel Ponce right here, your post says it was never reissued in CD.



Fidels Eyeglasses said...

At the time of the "New York Now" post (by Daniel Ponce), it had not been reissued, since then it has been reissued, but on a CD which include songs from "several different" LP's of his.
I have heard it and find that the reissued CD has the "New York Now" songs "remixed", I like the original vinyl mix's better.