Sunday, April 13, 2008

ABAKÚA Egrem 7' inch vinyl Cuba, 1967

Egrem 7' inch 33rpm EP

Produced by Egrem/Areito along with the 'Academia De Ciencias De Cuba'.
Back cover notes by Maria Teresa Linares.
This was recorded in 1962, this Egrem/Areito 7" inch 33rpm vinyl is from 1967
Not to be confused with the 10 CD anthology series (reissued from the original LP's) recently produced by Maria Teresa Linares.
This not part of that 10 CD series.
 Side A: Enkame
Side B: Cantos Abakúa


jean lafite said...

this looks like a great spot. i am all the way crazy about cuban music. latin music in general i suppose. thanks for your effort. i have a place where i post the stuff i rip from my record collection. i do not want any publicity, but would be happy to tell you where it is in the hopes that you will find something that you like. email me if you want to know. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

where the hell did that come from
never heard of that one before
you got a killer collection, man
I'd love to hear that, asere
seems to kick many asses


patricio said...

Hi again

this one looks incredible.
Once again: CFN or TCN??
This maybe the only abakuá record ever, the second one being the Antología Egrem vol.9, and the third one the recent Ibiono project by Ángel Guerrero.
I'd really like to hear that one!!