Monday, March 31, 2008

Elis Regina "Elis Especial" 1968

This will be the first post of Brasilian music here at Fidels Eyeglasses.. with more to come.

I own about 32 LP's by the late Elis Regina, this one I had never heard before.
What can I say... simply this recording "Elis Especial" is amazing.
The cover art, a very striking high contrast black and white photo of her sitting with her shoes off on some rocks or on the ground is fabulous!

Elis recorded her first LP "Viva a Brotolandia" in 1961 at the age of 16.... this recording was done in 1968 which makes her 22 years old at the time. (I'm sure you'll correct me if my math is off)

I love Alcione, Elza Soares, Elizeth Cardoso, Leny Andrade and a half dozen others ....

As a musician, I can say Elis Regina is truly is a "musicians musician"

I downloaded this from one of my favorite Brasilian blogspots:

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Geordie Van Der Bosch said...

This is a brilliant post, I must say Ellis and Tom Jobim singing Agua de Marco got me into Brasilian music, and there the slippery slope of Bossa Nova brought me to Afro-Cuban.