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Doris De La Torre " Tu Dominas" (Cuba 1958-59)

" Tu Dominas" - 1958
'Doris De La Torre'
The original '58-'59 LP cover.

This will be the first of a few posts this weekend by two Cuban "Divas", this first one by Doris De La Torre, the next one by Omara Portuondo ('61).

This Doris De La Torre and her LP "Tu Dominas" from either 1958 or 1959.
'Doris De La Torre' was an important singer within the early part of the Cuban song movement known as Filin' (Feeling).
Doris came from 'Felipes Dulzaide's' group, in which she was the main vocalist.
She also played Vibraphone and guitar.
Unfortunately this is the only LP she ever recorded in the 1950's.
Her unique style is lush, romantic and VERY sensuous.
And is in perfect harmony with the eight core musicians on this LP.
(You can hear one track in the player on this blogs portal page.)

There is also a song Doris De La Torre sings on this LP track #5 "Ada" she sings in a combination of Russian, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese and even Yiddish!

The Orchestra Arranged, conducted by Maestro Eddy Gaytán, an Accordionist, Vibraphone player bandleader who was born in 1929 in Argentina, but who moved to Cuba in 1950.
You can watch an old early 1960-62 video from Cuban T.V. with him playing with Rosita Fornes on Youtube: Here
The song in the video is "Noches De Moscu" probably '60-'62 when Russias foot was "in the door" She's wearing what looks like a "Houndstooth" patterned dress.
This is really a great LP, a real example of the early Filin' style.
Eddy Gaytan's Arrangments are lush, romantic and with just the right amount of Vibes and Accordion in spots not to be overbearing. Awesome bass Clarinette and acoustic Bass playing!
Superb "brush work" by De Los Reyes on trap drums, Pablo Cano's electric guitar swings.

1. Tu Dominas
2. En La Duda
3. Una Rara Sensacion
4. Imagenes
5. Ada
6. Asi
7. Amorado Encuentro
8. En La Imaginacion
9. No Me Culpes (Don't Blame Me)
10. Envenename Los Labios
11. Me Recordaras
12. Criatura De Sol
13. Para Que Illusionarme
14. Si Alguien

6. Asi

Musicans / Musicos
Piano - Philipe Yanez
Bajo - Orlando "Papito" Hernández
Drums - Walfredo De Los Reyes Sr.
Saxofon - Jesús Caunedo
Guitar - Pablo Cano
Trumpet - Alejando "El Negro" Vivar
Arpa/Harp - Miriam Sinca
Tumbadoras (Congas) - Antonio Machado


marabina abroad said...

"Ada" is sung in Hebrew. Thanks so much for hosting this site. Doris de la Torre does not receive enough credit, and she is fantastic!



Fidels Eyeglasses said...

Doris D.L. Torre was amazing.
This particular LP is a gem, especially with her paired with these particular sidemen/musicians.

Thanks for leaving a note, enjoy.
Hebrew: שָׁלוֹם עֲלֵיכֶם
Yiddish: שלום־עליכם
Arabic: السلام عليكم

Anonymous said...


I am Brazilian, forgive my bad English.

You may repost this disk to download?

I look back, thanks.