Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! Feliz Año Nuevo! 2010

In memoriam: Billy Taylor Dies of Heart Attack at age 89

Billy Taylor Jazz pianist
b; July 24th 1924 Greenville, N.C.
d; Dec. 29th N.Y.C.
Billy Taylor was the first African-American to lead a television studio orchestra in the 1950s, hosting the series “The Subject Is Jazz.”
In the 1960s he helped start up 'Jazzmobile', which brought free music to inner New York City neighborhoods on a mobile float.
Billy Taylor hosted a jazz show on National Public Radio from 1977 to 1982.

((1954 Billy Taylor Trio-Candido))

'Jazzmobile' concert with 'Son Primero'
part 1

'Jazzmobile' concert with 'Son Primero'
part 2

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In memoriam: Miguel Chappottín Beltrán

Miguel Chappottín 1965
Photo: María del Cármen Mestas

Miguel Chappottín
Photo: Barry Cox 2008

Miguel Chappottín Beltrán
b; La Habana, Cuba 1927
d; La Habana, Cuba 2010
*** Iba ayé ba yé t'orún ***
Barry Cox mentioned to me that
Miguel Chappottín Beltrán died
a month ago.

Miguel Chappottín Beltrán: vocal


Barry Cox with Miguel Chappottín Beltrán
en La Habana

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Yagüarimú - 3 LPs & 1 live set/en vivo 1980's 1 video - Cuba

"Por La Ventana No.. Por La Puerta!"
Conjunto Yagüarimú
1987 vinyl LP/LD

1. Pasen Señores Pasen

"Llego El Yagüarimú"
Vinyl LP/LD

5. Manguito Son

"Conjunto Yagüarimú"
Vinyl LP - E.G.R.E.M. /Areito

3. Son De La Loma (in 7/4)

4. Panorama

6. Por Siempre Amor

7. Meta a Meta

Conjunto Yagüarimú, originally from Matanzas, Cuba.
A very hip funky, jazz band which spent the early 1990's as the back up band for 'Santiago Alfonso' in the Havana Hotel Libre, Tropicana and the Capri hotels. They achieved much success and began international tours to countries such as Austria, Spain and Mexico in the cities of Cancun and Aguascalientes.

An obscure "Live" recording by them recorded live on a Sony Walkman by 'Rob Holland' in Cuba 1985.
Six tunes. Sorry, no cover art as it's a live set.
Unfortunately it was recorded a bit 'hot' but still enjoyable and a killer set!!!
On the "live" recording it's easy to hear how this band can do battle with Irakere any day!
Great baterista & percussionist playing both tumbadoras and batá. Swinging electric guitar.
The "live" set kicks ass, even though the sound quality isn't great.
(((Yagüarimú "En Vivo"- Live)))

"De una manera espantosa" 1981
Conj. Yagüarimú
Comp: Arsenio Rodríguez
(The announcer thinks it's Luis "Lilí" Martínez Griñán)


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Juan Blanco: Pioneer of Electro-acoustic music in Cuba

Pioneer of Electro-acoustic music in Cuba
born; in Mariel, La Habana, Cuba in 1919.
died; La Habana, Cuba 2008 a los 89 años

"Circus Toccata"
Juan Blanco: Roland Jupiter 8 synthesizer
Tata Güines: tumbadoras
Guillermo "Barretico" Barreto: timbales

Orq. Charanga Iréson 1980 - Cuba

Orq. Charanga Iréson
"Ven A Bailarlo Rumbero"

Cuarteto Los Britos - Cuba

"Poco A Poco"

Cuarteto Los Britos

"El 4 5 6"
Cuarteto Los Britos

Cuban Tresero Jorge Cabrera y Su Conjunto Yumuri - Miami

"Estampas De Mi Tierra"
Jorge Cabrera y Su Conjunto Yumuri
Con Israel López "Cachao" y Paquito Hechavarria
Caney vinyl LP - 1980 *cleaned with Goldwave V.5

"La Paella"
Jorge Cabrera y Su Conjunto Yumuri
Con Israel López "Cachao" y Paquito Hechavarria
The "original Caney" vinyl LP - 1981
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"Homenaje A Arsenio Rodriguez"
Jorge Cabrera y Su Conjunto Yumuri
With Israel López "Cachao" & Paquito Hechavarria
Kubaney vinyl LP - 1981 *cleaned with Goldwave V.5

"Salsa Atrevida"
Jorge Cabrera y Su Tres
Cantan: Pepe Mora
CD - 1987
(too "Salsa-ish" for my tastes)

"Matamoros y Arsenio"
Jorge Cabrera y Su Tres y Su Conjunto
Cantan: Pepe Mora
CD - 1989
#'s 1 - 8: compositions by Miguel Matamoros
#'s 9 - 15: are the same songs as #'s 2 - 8 on the
Kubaney LP "Homenaje A Arsenio Rodriguez"

Videos from the Havana Jazz Festival Dec. 2010

Videos from the Havana Jazz Festival Dec. 2010

Michel Herrera performing La Margarita by Chucho Valdes with Joaquin Betancourt's big jazz band

Michel Herrera and other young jazz musicians guest performance with Chico O' Farrill and Chucho Valdes

Michel Herrera original work "El Malecon de la Shabi"
Part 1

Michel Herrera original work "El Malecon de la Shabi"
Part 2

Michel Herrera original work "Como Lo Soñe"
Part 1

Michel Herrera original work "Como Lo Soñe"
Part 2

Pepito Gomez performing "Dos Gardenias"
with Joven Jazz

Young trumpet player Thommy with Joaquin Betancourt

Michel Herrera with Joaquin Betancourt's big jazz band-solos by Kali Rodriguez-trumpet and Hector Quintana

Chico O' Farrill Jazz band in Havana

Harold Lopez Nussa trio

Friday, December 24, 2010

An essencial Jorge Ben collection - Brasil

"Tudo Azul"
Ze Maria e Seu Orgão
Vinyl LP 1962 - Jorge Ben: vocals

"Samba Esquema Novo"
1963 - CD reissue

"Ben é samba Bom"
1964 - CD reissue

"Sacudin Ben Samba"
Vinyl LP - 1964

"Big Ben"

"O Bidú Silencio no Brooklin"
1967 - CD reissue

"Jorge Ben"
Vinyl LP - 1969

"Força Bruta"
Vinyl LP - 1970

"O Som Do Passquim"
Jorge Ben e Trio Mocotó
Vinyl 45rpm - 1970

"Negro é Lindo"
Vinyl LP - 1971

Vinyl LP - 1972

"Live in japan"
With Trio Mocotó - 1972

Live with Trio Mocotó
Vinyl LP - 1972

"Os maiores sambas de todos os tempos"
with Trio Mocotó
Vinyl LP - 1972

"Phono 73"
Live with Trio Mocotó & Gilberto Gil
Vinyl LP - 1973

"O Circo Chegou"
Vinyl 45rpm - 1973

"A Tabua de Esmeralda"
Vinyl LP - 1974

"à l'Olympia"
Vinyl LP - 1975

"Álbum Dal Vivo Al Sistina -Italy"
Vinyl LP - 1975

"Gil & Jorge - Ogum Xangô"
Vinyl LP - 1975 - and remastered CD

"Solta o Pavão"
1975 - CD reissue

"África Brasil"
Vinyl LP - 1976

Vinyl LP - 1977

"Alô Alô Como Vai"
Vinyl LP - 1980

Vinyl LP - 1985

Vinyl LP - 1989

"Jorge Ben - 23"

"Homo Sapiens"
1995 - CD

"World Dance"
Vinyl LP - 1995

"Musicas Para Tocar No Eleveador"
1997 - CD

"Acustico MTV"
2002 - CD

"Recuerdos de Asunción"
Vinyl LP - 2007